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Video Marketing – Facts and Stats You Need to Know

Online video is becoming the dominant online medium. We have put together this video which offers some pretty impressive statistics on the subject of video marketing. If you’d like to learn more about how video marketing can add value to your online presence, please get in touch. Transcript The future is video: By 2017, video […]

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How SEO Can Save You Over £11000 Each Month

Let me start with an apology for what may appear to be a self-congratulatory, backslapping post. I suppose it is (a bit), but in this article, I’m using this website as an example of how consistent, steady SEO actions can not only bring in work through high search rankings but can also save a fortune in advertising fees. For […]

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Why You Absolutely Need an Online Marketing Strategy

So, this online marketing thing… It never really ends, does it? It’s a right pain.  If you produce toilet seats (and if you do, God bless you. We all need ‘em!) you’d probably rather put your efforts into turning out the very best bog seats than analysing campaign outputs and KPIs – and who could […]

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Ed’s Email Campaign Overkill – A Lesson in How to Alienate Your Audience

The Labour Party is obsessed with me. No, really! Their people won’t leave me alone… In the last two weeks Labour HQ has emailed three times to flog me tea towels (I kid you not), Ed Miliband has dropped me a line to ask me to ask him a question, Ed Balls has added to […]

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