Charlie Chaplin

Before Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais, Charlie Chaplin was one of the world’s first ever comedy superstars, and his unusual toothbrush-moustache was one of his most distinguishing features. Whereas Charlie chose the moustache for its comic value, it soon grew darker connotations when a Adolf Hitler adopted the look with some speculation that he modelled himself on the popular comedian to appeal to more of the public. Chaplin took advantage of this likeness in his 1940 film ‘The Great Dictator’.

David Hodo

Arguably the most famous builder in pop, the construction worker from the Village People sported an enviable moustache. He had nothing on that Policeman though… David was with The Village People between 1978-2013, that’s thirty five years of doing the YMCA dance! He’s now working in chorus lines on Broadway. Good luck, Dave!

Hulk Holgan

If your office is hosting a “moustache of the year” award at the end of Movember, this is the look to go for. Hulk’s bleached biker moustache is iconic and is a failsafe way to delight and amuse your colleagues and to inject a little Hulkamania to the workplace.

Salvador Dali

Like something a bit more surreal? Salvador Dali’s flamboyant moustache has been voted the most famous moustache of all time. If you’re looking to recreate the style then invest in a big tub of pomade and get to work on the growth as soon as possible.

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix’s low maintenance moustache is a good look to go for if you’re less hirsute. Maybe carry around a picture of him to prove that you’re doing this moustache on purpose, so as to avoid people assuming you lack the follicles to grow a full handlebar.