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How Much Does it Cost to Design and Develop a Website? You Tell Me!

I received a quotation request today from a chap who wrote; ‘With regards to my budget, I am reluctant to state a figure as studios that don’t  have a set price structure will treat it as a bullseye target…’ Now, I can understand this chap wanted to get the best possible deal. I also appreciate […]

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Brand, Branding and Brand Identity

People often get confused when talking about this subject. In this short ‘explanimation’ we explain the differences between brand, branding and brand identity. Transcript: What’s the difference between brand, branding and brand identity? First things first – brand isn’t your logo. Your logo is just one piece of the brand jigsaw. Brand is the space […]

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Marketing Personas – To Whom it May Concern, Trevor Needs a Transplant

One of the first steps in any marketing exercise is to decide who you want to sell to. ‘Simple!’ I hear you cry. ‘Anyone with the money!’  Well, that’s not quite the right answer. There aren’t many products or services that have universal audiences – loo rolls and funerals are exceptions to this rule.  Most […]

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Down Memory Lane – When Search Engine Marketing Was Easy

Not so many moons ago, marketing a business online was all about the keywords. Keyword quantity and frequency were the factors that determined which websites would sit at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Marketers simply looked for keywords with high search traffic and low competition, loaded them into web pages to […]

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