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Fine Tune Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is really simple. Just go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and find keywords with high search volume and not so high competition. Bosh! Done! Well, not quite… The one factor you’re missing from that scenario is the most important element – your customer. To really fine tune your keyword research you need to […]

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Gain and Retain Customers Through Content Marketing

There’s a lot of buzz around  content marketing right now. Content marketing, if managed correctly, should play a big part in your customer retention and acquisition activities but it’s surprising how many companies embark on content marketing without asking why they’re doing it or considering their audience.  Wikipedia defines content marketing as ‘any marketing that involves the creation and […]

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Easy Guide to Email Marketing

If email marketing isn’t yet part of your marketing mix, you’re bonkers and need to start planning you first email campaign. How bonkers? Well, according to the Direct Marketing Association Client Email Report of 2014, in 2013, each £1 spent on email marketing resulted in an average return of almost £25. You’d have to be […]

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What is brand? What can it do for my business?

I’m currently working on a rebranding project with a fab company. It’s a particularly enjoyable project as the people I’m working with a really positive, open-minded and creative. It’s good to be involved. Forward-thinking businesses are increasingly looking to develop, manage and nurture their brands, but there’s still some cynicism surrounding the importance of brand […]

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