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Dream, Explore, Dare. My Adventure Kit is about educating and inspiring children to explore the world around them.

My Adventure Kit started out under a different name BattleBox, so called as the gifts were wooden boxes filled with Army themed toys and activities. These beautiful wooden boxes were great fun to put together and in the early days with only a handful of orders being placed each month, fulfilment wasn’t a problem either……….until! Within a short space of time they started to attract some attention and more and more orders were being placed.

This lead to more people, bigger premises, and a new brand along with accompanying website.

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The re-brand

A new era for BattleBox brought big change in it’s identity and appeal to the market. The previous look and feel won many fans and gained success, but was too niche to achieve full growth potential.

Through customer feedback sessions it was realised that BattleBox was ready for its next adventure. The original soldier theme was starting to morph with a wider range of experiences, exploring the outdoors and the child’s imagination became the focus. After much feedback, ‘My Adventure Kit’ was born.

Orange Crush delivered a new logo and branding to match the new identity.


Custom kit creation

The word ‘Kit’ in My Adventure Kit isn’t just a concept. Customisation and personalisation is a huge part of the product and what it offers.

Users can purchase ready-made kits that contain a well thought out mix of items to suit any adventurer. They can also create their own. All items can be purchased individually, but the user can start with a ‘base’ and build from there. These shop products begin with a rucksack, naturally, and each theme has it’s own set of items that you can choose to include in the kit, or pass on.

This results in an engaging bespoke e-commerce experience.

The challenge of unisex branding

Part of the problem with the previous branding was it’s focus on boys, the military and it’s neglect of the bigger picture.

A challenging aspect of the new design work and aesthetic of the website was striking a balance so that it appealed to boys and girls alike, or different age groups. Not quite so simple when typically these different groups have different tastes and are engaged by different things.

We are certain we struck the right balance with colour, language, style and the presentation of content.

Interactive features

There is much to explore.

The site contains useful ‘how-to’ guides, articles, themed product browsing, tool-tip widgets, shareable wishlists and other features to help engage the user.

It is all wrapped up in a responsive device-agnostic SEO-friendly framework.

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