Brand, Branding and Brand Identity

15 January, 2019 / by ocdadmin / In Brand, marketing

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People often get confused when talking about this subject. In this short ‘explanimation’ we explain the differences between brand, branding and brand identity.


What’s the difference between brand, branding and brand identity?

First things first – brand isn’t your logo.

Your logo is just one piece of the brand jigsaw.

Brand is the space you occupy in hearts and minds.

Brand aligns how you want to be viewed with the reality of what the world is actually thinking about you.

If you want your branding to be an amazing success, you really need to know your audience.

You also need to know yourself (Who are we? How are we different? Why should anyone care?)

Brands are built over time and through the experiences of your customers.

So it’s super-important that there’s consistency in how you present your company at each and every point of contact.

Brand identity is the outward expression of a brand, most commonly its name or visual logo, but could also include straplines, typefaces, style, key colours and audio logo.

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