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Social Media Marketing Leeds | Orange Crush

Social media marketing provides your company with a platform to engage and interact with your customers, raise your online visibility and increase brand reach.

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn having over 80 million active UK accounts, there’s no shortage of conversations to be had.

We help our customers reach audiences and start conversations through the most appropriate social platforms and develop tailored strategies to reflect the personality of each organisation.

People are talking about you…

People will talk about your organisation online, whether you’re involved in the conversation or not. We can help you to promote the more positive and complimentary discussions and manage those that may be a little less favourable.

A lot can be learned about what drives your audience by listening and engaging on social media. This is really key management information and can guide your business and deliver what prospects and existing customers really want from your brand.

The right voice – Don’t sell to sell

People really don’t like to be sold to, so a continual river of sales messages from a cold, robotic broadcast channel is sure to repel your prospects and customers.

People do business with people. It may be cheesy but it’s absolutely true. We’ll help you to find a distinct and consistent voice, authentic to your business and that will appeal to your audience.

Managing your social media community

Every successful social media strategy includes careful monitoring of social channels and tactics to reach out to find new customers, prospects and advocates.

Clear objectives, goals and KPIs are essential so numbers, relationships and interactions can be measured. We use advanced software to measure our work and provide regular progress reports to our customers.