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Aligning great user-interface design with digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and ROI.

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Modern e-commerce solutions

Online shops and product showcases that work

If your business is doing business online, it is essential to have a website and digital marketing strategy that work together to maximise sales and deliver ROI.

Online stores come in all shapes and sizes. Different types of retailers need to talk to their potential customers in very different ways. There is more to an e-commerce project than meets the eye and making sure that your web company understand all of the intricacies is vital to your success. We put the effort in to really understand your business, market and customers. We can then deliver a solution that is optimised for converting those customers into sales.


Narrative Vs directory

Sometimes the customer knows what they want and they just need directing to it. We assure them that your are a seller to trust and who offers value. On other occasions your products may be rooted with story and heritage. Here we need to tell that story and apply the art of persuasion. Both websites will look and work very differently.

The right feature set

Online shoppers expect to be able to find what they are looking for pretty quick. We need to offer effective filters that make sure they aren't having to wade through endless lists of products that aren't relevant to them. The navigation and category structure must also be logical and clearly defined. Any ambiguity will cost you conversions.


E-commerce stores have a habit of doing too much, getting bloated and becoming slow and clunky. This is a recipe for negative ROI. We adopt the approach of 'less is more', but make sure we aren't skimping on what the user needs. Good design practice will mean that information is loading in on request, rather than forced upon the user.


Upsells & Cross-sells

Encourage multiple purchases

Dynamic Basket

Instantly accessible

Product Filtering

Helping the user

Common Elements

Intuitive interfaces

Lazy Load

Automated product browsing

Hover effects

Useful interactivity

Logical Structure

Mega-menu navigation

Product Variations

Essential usability

Orange Crush are far and away the most professional and capable agency we've worked with. We've received more inbound leads in the last 12 months than the previous 3 years combined. This is in no small part due to the excellent SEO service that Orange Crush provide.

Rachel Dobson, Managing Director

How we do it

Website Design Leeds


What are your strengths? How can we best leverage your USPs?.. How we design your website and present your products might be very different to how you'd imagine. If you have a small and niche range, a 'brochure site' with online purchasing functionality might be better than a traditional catalogue.

Web Development Leeds


Once we know where we're headed, we will craft a user interface full of the things your demographic wants and expects. We'll make sure they hear your proposition and quickly understand your strengths. The result will be a highly performant and scalable e-comm store that is a pleasure to use and purchase from.

Wordpress design Leeds

Hassle-free fulfillment

Key to an e-commerce project is the ease of which the catolgue and data can be kept up to date. We don't want you to have a chore on your hands when managing it, and we'll make sure transaction and fulfillment is as easy as 1,2,3. Maximum automation and keeping things simple are part of our ethos.

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