Aligning great website design with digital marketing campaigns to drive sales and ROI

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If your business is doing business online, it is essential to have a web site and digital marketing strategies that work together to maximise sales and deliver ROI.

Having a robust and effective technology platform and CMS for your site should be a given. Where Orange Crush differs is that we put the effort in to really understand your business, market and customers. Then we can help design, develop and deliver a solution that best reaches the right customers at the right time and place, and helps them buy from your site on any device.

The right technology and platform for the job

e-Commerce isn’t a one-size-fits-all area, far from it. We will establish what platform will best suit your business through conversation and analysis.

What we choose will be based on several variables. This includes the nature of the products that you sell and the other forms of content your site presents, as well as budget, timescales and how we anticipate your business to evolve.

We are experts in developing solutions using the extremely popular Woocommerce, which provides highly flexible and cost-effective online stores. This platform has too many benefits to list and we believe it to be the best choice in most scenarios. Beyond Woocommerce we look to Magento and it’s increased out-of-the-box feature set to power your store, providing it fits within timescales, budgets and is well aligned with your expectations.

Reach, engage and convert

To do this we focus on 3 simple questions…

1) Are all the basics right?
This means that the on-site SEO is as good as it can be, the site loads quickly and all meta descriptions, tagging and headings are in place.

2) Does it pass the 5 second test?
When customers land on your site, can they do the following in 5 seconds?

  • Know what it is you do and offer
  • Understand how it makes their life better
  • Know what to do next

3) Can your customers easily find what they are looking for and take action?