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Cost-effective custom development. Unique functionality to provide highly automated services online, at speed.

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If you can think it, we can build it

Custom development capabilities without limitation

If you want to offer an online service that is out of the ordinary, then you are likely to need some bespoke development to achieve your objectives.
That's where we come in!

We have a proven track record of delivering websites where other designers and online platforms would come unstuck. Quite often this involves complex user-management systems whereby accounts are created allowing the user to subscribe to services, submit content themselves, track progress, communicate with each other and interact in ways that are beyond common website functionality.

We operate in a highly efficient way that means complex development can be delivered without the long lead times and high costs typically associated with it. Read on to find out what we can do.


Stand out

Chances are that most of your competitors are doing the same thing, the same way, packaged up and presented a little different. Fresh ideas executed well will really make you stand out in your field.

Add value

By adding unique or extra functionality to your online products and services, you also add extra value. This means you attract more customers and can potentially charge higher than average fees.

Boost conversion

Users have come to expect speed and simplicity from online services. Making your service slicker and more automated removes barriers for the end user, leading to higher conversion rates and greater ROI.


User Generated Content

Complex rules and validation

Credit-based Transactions

Credit sales, logs & receipts

Customer Portals

Protected content for users

Advanced jobs boards

Custom alerts & applications

Product customisation

Online design tools etc

3rd Party API integration

Talking to other online systems

Subscription services

Multi-level service access

Video sharing platforms

Media services / playlists

The Orange Crush team have been absolutely brilliant in everything they have done for us. If there were a prize for friendliest team of developers in the UK, Orange Crush would win it. OC have understood and genuinely cared for our vision from conception and they have developed a superb, intelligent website solution that we are so pleased with.

Jonathan Thelwell, Director

How we do it

Website Design Leeds


We create a thorough technical specification that encompasses what your service aims to achieve, looking at all required functionality and the potential points of failure. It is likely that we will think of scenarios that you haven't yet considered, and through experience we can identify new opportunities.

Web Development Leeds


Almost anything is possible and there is never one single way to approach a technical challenge. We will do the research and apply what we already know to identify the most realistic and pragmatic solution based on your budget, resources and timescales. We like to push the envelope without over-stretching.

Wordpress design Leeds


Through a process or constantly challenging what we are doing, asking questions and testing our ideas we develop a website that is robust and scalable. It is vital that you have a sustainable solution that can grow as your service and products grow, and one that represents good value while delivering ROI.

Our web service

What we can offer:

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We have become experts at utilising existing tools to give our clients cost-effective web products that help them realise their goals online, in a time frame that works.

We want our solutions to be hugely flexible, robust and with a strong eye trained on the future. We feel it is very important that a product can grow with a business and match its ambitions.

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