Video Production

Video is the most effective way to communicate.

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‘Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%’

– Hubspot (2016)

People engage with video much more than they do with text. After all, text is a human invention. It requires decoding by the brain into visualisation. Video bypasses that translation. However, the vast majority of web sites have little or no video and often if they do, the quality is low. This is due in part to great quality video production and editing being cost prohibitive for many businesses.

We provide broadcast quality videos that will amaze you at a price that will surprise you.

L1 Showreel

“We were blown away by the quality of video work Orange Crush delivered for us. It far exceeded our expectations and has been an invaluable marketing resource to showcase what we do.”

– L1 Performance

The power of video to tell a story and as a content-marketing tool

The world is a long-term consumer of video and the moving image. It quickly grabs our attention and we immediately engage with it. Have a discussion with us about how we can harness this to produce something that will communicate more to your audience than words ever could.

Video is more accessible than ever before thanks to mobile internet and the multitude of devices we use on a daily basis. It is a very direct way to communicate your message to your target audience.

A well produced video has many applications and uses, including but not limited to:

  • An introductory showreel on your homepage that quickly grabs and holds your audience
  • A story to communicate the results of your activities to stakeholders at meetings
  • A marketing tool for social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc
  • An offline show reel broadcast on a big screen at events and exhibitions