Premium Hosting

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The hosting solution for a new website is often an overlooked part of the development process. It is critical that you choose the right one that will deliver your website to your audience quickly and safely.

We always encourage our customers to have their web products hosted with us, simply because we know our hosting solution inside-out and trust it completely to deliver an uncompromised service. This is very important to us.

High-performance & Scaleable

Our managed LINUX hosting includes scheduled daily backups, 24/7 technical support and features 6 x Xeon cores, DDR3 RAM and SSD RAID10 storage, providing a hosting environment ideal for even the more intensive sites and applications.

Our solutions are also very scaleable and can grow with your business.

Robust & Secure

Our hosting partners perform frequent hardware and software updates, closely monitor server/network activity and can identify a threat before it gets off of the ground.

With servers based in the UK and watched closely by a dedicated team of real people, you can be as confident as we are that your data is safe, backed up and disaster-proof.

We aren’t tied though…

You may already have an existing hosting provider and if that’s the case, we are happy to work with your existing arrangement.

We will assess your current hosting solution and give our honest opinion on its suitability.

If you want to know more then please give us a call on 0113 871 5900 or drop us a line and we’ll get straight back to you.