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SEO Leeds | Orange Crush

Creativity, solid research and informed thinking underpins our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service to ensure the best possible results for  our customers.

Not only do we aim to increase your visibility in search engines but we also look to drive traffic to your site that is qualified and likely to convert.

We monitor the Google algorithm closely. We’re quick to respond to changes and not afraid to and adjust campaign tactics when necessary.

All our work is measurable and we provide detailed monthly reports so you can monitor your progress in all the main search engines.

The importance of a high search ranking

The Catalyst Google Click Through Rate Study shows the importance of having a really good search ranking for relevant keywords.

The organic click through rate (CTR) drops off sharply the further down the first page of search returns you are listed.

Search Position Organic CTR Search Position Organic CTR
1 36% 2 12%
3 10% 4 8%
5 7% 6 6%
7 4.5% 8 4%
9 3.75% 10 2.5%

Charting the percentage drop in CTR

   Catalyst Google Click Through Rate Study

75% of people never scroll past the first page of search results

So, if you’re on page two of Google, three out of four people have already left the queue.

That stark statistic came from HubSpot’s research and it really does underline the importance of ranking on page one against your target keywords.

If your website doesn’t feature on page 1 or if you’ve found that your site is slipping down the search rankings, we could help.  We’re happy to discuss your website with you to see how we could make a difference. There is absolutely no obligation to hire us and we’re pretty decent human beings, so what is there to lose by getting in touch?

How SEO saves Orange Crush over £9k per month

Traffic from organic search returns is free and can reduce paid search costs significantly.

Orange Crush ranks pretty well for the search terms we want to be found against. If we didn’t have our high search ranking, we would need to spend over £9100 per month in paid search ads to attract the same, qualified traffic against those keywords. (Source: SEMrush)

That’s a saving of almost £110,000 per year.