Content Marketing

Grow audiences, increase engagement and build backlinks by publishing valuable, relevant and consistent content.

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Content Marketing Leeds:

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practise of creating and publishing valuable content to attract an audience  – and then converting those prospects into customers.  If your content marketing is really sharp, you can turn your customers into loyal advocates!

It’s important that the content you share is closely related to your product or service. It should be engaging, informative and give an insight into the personality of your organisation.

Are you content with your content?

Compelling content is the bedrock on which our other services are built.

Content is a key element in SEO, maximises conversion rates from paid advertising and strengthens customer relationships through social media and other platforms.

Content marketing is the strategic use of all channels of communication including, web copy, email, video, blogging, infographics, white papers, podcasts, articles and slide presentations.

Done well, content marketing will reduce marketing costs and increase revenues. According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods and results in three times as many leads.

How can we help?

The marketing landscape is unrecognisable from five years ago. Winning companies are now constantly creating compelling content that engages, entertains and educates their target customers.

Our creative team can help you develop insights in to your customers behaviours at different points on their journey – awareness, consideration, intent and purchase.  We can then support you in creating content ‘assets’ and plan, publish and promote them effectively.

Managing your social media community

Every successful social media strategy includes careful monitoring of social channels and tactics to reach out to find new customers, prospects and advocates.

Clear objectives, goals and KPIs are essential so numbers, relationships and interactions can be measured. We use advanced software to measure our work and provide regular progress reports to our customers.