Enough of the Passion!

08 February, 2015 / by ocdadmin / In Copy, copywriting, Journal

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There’s something that upsets me a bit. Well, rather a lot actually and I feel the need to share…

It’s silly really. After all, why should a few words make my lip curl, my teeth clench and cause me to swear like a trooper. I don’t use bad language – other than when I see this phrase – but it’s the most inappropriately overused, ridiculous phrase on the web and it rattles my cage.

The phrase is “we are passionate about…”


If that phrase on your website and you’re not in the ‘love’ industry, remove it immediately. It’s a ridiculous phrase and frankly it is an example of feeble copywriting.

Here are a few examples I found in five minutes of searching “we are passionate about…” on Google.

We are passionate about working at height
… (Gutter cleaning business)
We are passionate about funeral directing
We are passionate in ensuring you dazzle from top to toe for your special occasion… (Outfitters)
We are truly passionate about access to safe toilets for all… (er, toilet company)
We are passionate about blocked drains and clearance work

The dictionary defines ‘passionate’ as:  dominated by powerful emotions or marked by strong sexual desire; amorous or lustful.

So when the loo people say that they are ‘truly passionate about access to safe toilets for all’, where’s the authenticity? Can we really believe they are so deeply roused by their mission to stop us all falling off the bog?  So, if we can’t believe that, what else is can we believe?

You get the gist! This is lazy copywriting. Enough of the passion, people. Just write with authenticity and we’ll all feel much happier about your proposition.

I feel much better for sharing. Thank you.