Got Milk

20 August, 2019 / by ocdadmin / In Brand, marketing

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It’s important to have a simple and focussed message that can be relayed across your entire marketing strategy. In order to do this you need a clear understanding or what your brand is and what you want from your marketing.

The “got milk?” campaign is a fantastic example of the strength of a clear and concise message. The slogan was developed as part of a campaign for the California Milk Processing Board’s campaign to reignite America’s love of the white stuff.

The campaign took its strength from the simplicity of the message. In just two words the audience were asked a question that reminded them of the place milk has in their lives and the adverts illustrated this further.

The memorable campaign ran for 20 years. Watch the famous television advert below.

So now ask yourself this – if you had to boil your brand down to just a few words, what would you say?