Orange Crush Partners with Lead Forensics

01 January, 2015 / by ocdadmin / In lead generation, marketing

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Orange Crush Digital has partnered with Lead Forensics, who optimise sales leads by identifying the visitors to your website and turning them into leads.

In our opinion, Lead Forensics is the market leader in providing B2B lead generation, using its experience of the challenges faced by sales and marketing teams.

Many organisations are investing heavily in website development and strategies to generate traffic, but research shows that just 2% of website visitors actually convert to enquiries.

By identifying anonymous visitors you can create qualified sales leads for your business.
The Lead Forensics solution provides key information on anonymous site visitors, including business names, industries, addresses, phone numbers, turnovers, employee numbers, pages visited and the number of people who have viewed your site from each company.

You can optimise the ROI of your online marketing and lead generation initiatives by using this information and target prospect leads more effectively, based on your knowledge of their behaviour on your website.

The Lead Forensics software is easily installed by adding a simple tracking code to your website. The data is accessed in real-time through the online portal or integration with your CRM platform. Compatible platforms include Salesforce, Oracle, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics.

You can arrange a two week trial of Lead Forensics without any obligation. To do so, please drop us a line and we will arrange for a Lead Forensics consultant to give you a call.