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Tackling the unique requirements of websites within technology sectors.

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Sector overview

Websites in technology sectors

We provide a full range of creative services to organisations operating in technology sectors. Where technical concepts are often challenging to communicate, we create stunning, easy to navigate websites that convey quality and present products and services in a digestible format. We partner with specialists in software, hardware, telecoms and security to showcase their products and and generate new business.

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As a business owner, it’s hard to trust that someone working externally on my business can care just as much as I do about it. Working with the Orange Crush team is like working with a double, they care so much and they don’t stop until it’s right. From planning to final product, they deliver time after time.

Kyle Harris - L1 Performance

What we do

We take time to research the sectors that our clients are in, gaining a deeper understanding of their particular target market. By learning more about the phycology and needs of that market we can more effectively engage them. This influences how we design for and communicate with our client’s audience, helping deliver successful digital products and marketing strategies.

40SEVEN invited Orange Crush to completely renew our old and out of date website and the result has been transformational for our business. We now have a site that demonstrates exactly what we do as business, inspires confidence in our clients and attracts the talented individuals we require, now that our company is growing rapidly. The Orange Crush team have done a great job and continue to work closely with us to increase our exposure and strengthen our brand.

Martyn Utley

40SEVEN Limited

Nick Saunders

J.W. Hinchliffe Tanks Limited

Before we engaged Orange Crush, we had virtually no web presence. Within a year we were returning as the number one position on Google for almost every key search term we wanted to be found on. For some terms, we hold the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. They also designed and developed AdWords campaigns for us which helped us gain traction in some high-value niche areas. These two activities ensured we had a record revenue year last year.

Trilogy Partners

Dream Homes in America

Trilogy Partners design and build dream homes from their base in Colorado, USA. Our challenge was to build a website to equal the quality of their homes...
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