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Orange Crush is a team of web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists helping businesses in Leeds and Harrogate grow their brands, audiences and communities.
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Big on Ideas

How do you communicate your message in such a way that people want to hear more? We answer that question with fresh ideas for your web presence, great web design, tailored concepts and campaign strategies for how to grow your audience and increase conversions.

Quick Off the Marks

We like to be productive - idle hands make the devil's omelette, or whatever that old adage is - so we tend to get projects moving pretty quickly and do all we can to keep the momentum pacy and full of good energy. There are no corners cut. We simply apply lots of positivity and effort to our work.

Measurable Results

We establish your key project objectives at an early stage for two reasons: First, for clarity of purpose and then to put in place methods of measuring your success. Put simply, our objective is to exceed your objectives and we want to present evidence of us doing just that.

We Have The Knack

We have a knack of creating engaging online experiences. We develop strategies to enable our clients to communicate messages in new and exciting ways. We develop voices and audience and our broad skill-set gives us scope to deliver engaging, successful campaigns.

Our Latest Projects

Service Overview - Orange Crush - Web Design and Digital Marketing in Leeds and Harrogate

We create bespoke, stop-and-look, device-agnostic websites and web applications to complement your brand and engage your audience. We keep things clear, clean and simple because clarity is everything. We also create bespoke WordPress themes and design and develop for the Magento e-commerce platform.

We design quality marketing collateral - business cards, brochures, leaflets, signage and more. Where possible, we oversee the print/production process to ensure high quality results. Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand so it has to be good. Our logos are unique, accurately reflect the businesses they represent and can be used in multiple marketing contexts.

In a relentlessly competitive world, it's important you get your most compelling propositions in front of the right people, through using the most effective and appropriate channels. We offer a suite of marketing services to make this happen, both B2B and B2C. These include pay-per-click advertising and re-marketing, email marketing, social media management, article marketing, press releases and video marketing.

Video is a is a really effective marketing asset and a powerful way to engage with your audience. Video should be a key component in your marketing mix. We can work with you to plan and and produce your videos which will communicate authentic and engaging messages to your potential customers.

Google just loves original, interesting, relevant and well-written content. Thankfully, keyword-stuffing is a thing of the past and Google has developed software to eradicate from its index content that's weak, plagiaristic or delusive. We can help you create engaging, Google-friendly, quality copy, using keyword-research to improve the relevance of your content.

Whether you’re looking for a full motion graphics based video or want some added punch to your project, we have experience across broadcast, web commercials, interactive projects and corporate videos.

Not our words...

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Our Process

Our process is tried and tested. First, we gain an understanding of your business in order to set your goals and objectives. We then get creative and produce the words, images and everything else that is needed to exceed your expectations. Once signed off, we implement and then measure the results. We review and then we go again - always looking to improve - always looking for the small actions that make the big difference.

1. Bright Ideas

2. Implementation

3. Measure & Review

4. Repeat