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Orange Crush Digital | Web Design and Digital Strategy

Orange Crush Digital is a Leeds based studio offering premium quality web design and development.

We produce eye-catching, stop-and-look creative solutions for organisations across the UK. We support our clients by bringing insights and strategies to help them achieve their objectives, grow their businesses and boost their profits.

Know How

We’ve spent many years refining our skills, challenging ourselves, gathering knowledge, analysing data and studying how digital platforms and channels are used.

We’ve served our 10 000 hours many times over and have an clear understanding of what’s required to produce exceptional web experiences.

Our experience allows us to develop strategies for improvement through reviewing our clients’ digital assets and following their customers’ journeys. We seek the opinions of stakeholders and customers and then formulate practical strategies and tactics that add value to our customers’ online activities.

We Get Better and Better

Continual improvement is at the heart of our business. We learn something from every project we’re involved in.

We’re pretty strong in terms of talent and experience and we will happily put our work up against that of any studio. Nevertheless, we know we have a lot to learn. Everyone has. The digital landscape is continually evolving. New channels and innovations emerge every week and we want to understand them.

We believe we are as good as our next project. You could be our next project.

Key People

Orange Crush is run by Stephen Cree and Phil Bywater.

With over 30 years combined digital experience and a hugely positive approach to their work, they have a strong track-record of producing consistently high-quality digital solutions.

Phil Bywater||Director


Stephen Cree||Director



We’re not tied to any one process. The right process is the one that best meets the needs of your organisation and project.

We’re small, scalable and we’re low-volume which means each of us has an investment in every project we undertake.

Our Team

We have a versatile team of highly skilled people covering all areas of digital development and asset production.

Elissa||Video Production


Lily||Photography / Copywriting


Colin||Digital Marketing


Milly||Social Media & Content Marketing


If you think we could be the right fit for your next project, please call us on 0113 871 5900 or drop us a line and we’ll get straight back.

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T: 0113 871 5900
E: info@orangecrushdigital.co.uk